Spiral Ark

A Note from the Writer:

My very dear friends Robin and Nitza Spiro run the "Spiro Ark" in London, nobly spreading knowledge of Jewish history and culture to a community known for its great art, literature and music, but fast losing its connection with Judaism itself. It is on their insistence that I write this note.

In a world collapsing into the dark tunnel of untruth and cruelty these poems were written as the voice of Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and poor Whites, Blacks and Asians against the primarily Western but now internationalised forces of pseudo-elitist subversion and racism by Hitlerian politicians and their subservient party machines and collusive media worldwide, who, over the last century and more, have destroyed many a culture and civilisation, even condoning the rape of women, even nuns, and abuse of children, to protect their own parties and institutions, while silencing intellectuals, writers, poets and sages who dare to criticise them.

It is not intended to hurt the vast majority of devout innocent Christians or those of any other religion but aimed at transforming institutions that lie to and manipulate ordinary people across the world.

Spiral Ark
"It is easier for a camel
to go through the
eye of a needle,
than for a rich man
to enter the
Kingdom of God"
(from St. Matthew 19,24)
This was long after
"The Ark of Noah"
and the Great Fish,
the First Incarnation of Vishnu.
We have now come to the last, the Tenth.
Let’s invent another "arc", a spiral,
when the righteous have won,
a sharp needle of light, the sword of Kalki
curving into the Black Hole
where all matter collapses
and Time reverses at end of time,
but Knowledge remains
in the narrowed track,
now virus free, revealing itself
only to the true seeker, he
who knows worlds begin
and end in spiral.

© Tenth Incarnation 2018.
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