Tenth Incarnation is spiritually profound, politically astute, revolutionary and hilarious, deeply romantic and passionate, a difficult combination to achieve in any literature. Beautiful,powerful,sensational poetry.

— Tasmin Pelham-Smith, Poetry Quarterly, London

Tenth Incarnation is a tale of love at an earthly level and the exploration of happiness, redemption and truth on an ethereal level. Cerebral poetry at its best. Highly recommended.

— Dale Maitland Cartwright, Theatre Review, London

Gopi Warrier is appalled by the rampant racism against Asian minorities in Western countries while these countries call on Third World nations to be secular. He is vociferously against the mindless pursuit of Westernisation by Indians.

— Indian Express, Mumbai

A sermon on the revenge Hindu Gods will take against arrogant humanity. Although written by an Indian poet it is very much in tune with a Western audience disillusioned with Western science, and taps into a deep malaise in the West.

— Bernie Whelan, Extra, Extra London

Deliriously uncontrolled and condescending. Magnetic philosopher poet.

— Time Out, London

The play written by Gopi Warrier tackles the huge divide between Western values, ideas about medicine, spirituality and the lack of it in the West, racism, poetry, love and philosophy. Gopi Warrier manages to weave all this into wonderful poetry which makes you want to catch and linger on every word.

— Linda Bilgorri on ‘Godsports’ at New End Theatre

An underlying message of Gopi Warrier’s work is the need to preserve the religious, cultural and philosophical traditions of India and the absence of roots amongst the upper-middle class Indians sadly stuck in the vicious cycle of materialistic fulfillment.

— Deccan Herald, Bangalore, India

The core message of Gopi Warrier’s work is the need to preserve the philosophical and spiritual traditions of India that have evolved over millennia. He smoothly breaks the Hindu-Muslim barrier and stereotypes with his plays and poetry.

— Asian Age, Mumbai, India

Gopi Warrier lives in London and has lived in and travelled around the world. He has a facile pen for satire, eye for the shape of language and a sensitive ear for cadence. One of the best poems in the collection “Three Travellers” talks of others who ‘sped towards the mirage’ while the three travelers ‘walk from the promised land.

— Keki Daruwalla, leading Indian poet writing in the Hindusthan Times on Gopi Warrier’s first collection of poems ‘In a Country Near Zimbabwe’ 1981

Gopi Warrier’s genius is the synthesis of Eastern and Western Mythologies.

— The Hindustan Times

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